Building Footprints

SEMCOG’s building footprint data layer represents the digital footprint of each building in Southeast Michigan, as of April 2015, along with associated attributes of each building. Initially developed as the primary input for our long range development forecast, this dataset now supports a wide range of local planning efforts throughout the region.

Instructions: Zoom into the map and click on a Building Footprint to display details about a building. There is also a link on the building popup window to email SEMCOG staff if you have questions about a building or updated information.

For those wishing to view the map on a phone, tablet or other mobile device, please use SEMCOG’s full-screen mobile version of the footprints map.

A description of SEMCOG building types as well as all other attributes can be found in SEMCOG’s Building Footprints documentation. For more information contact SEMCOG.

Buildning Footprints Legend